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Why buy products from your stylist vs Amazon or Target?

Have you ever wondered why your hairstylist suggests certain products for you at the salon after your service? We have just the answers for you!

First up, we know your hair best! After consulting with you, we will give our best opinion on which professional products would work for your hair type and needs! The difference between store bought products and professional products is what essentially is getting put back into your hair. This will affect how frizzy or smooth your hair looks, how soft or dry your hair feels, and how long your color fades or stays. So think of us as your hair doctor, we will give you just the prescription you need!

Second, professional products are more concentrated due to the fact that store bought products have more water and fillers in them. That being said, you will run out of your shampoo and conditioner faster if you buy from Target vs your stylist. I recently went on Target's website and found Coconut Oil Shampoo for $6.99 a bottle, whereas a bottle of Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo is $11.50. If you take into consideration you will need 2 bottles of Coconut Shampoo to last you as long as 1 bottle of Paul Mitchell Shampoo you are spending more money at Target.

Lastly, when you buy from our small business not only are you supporting our careers, but you are also supporting our ongoing education! As a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, the more products we sell, the more education we get brought into the salon! Our last in-salon education was nothing short of AMAZING! He flew in all the way from Texas and taught us a new trendy haircut and new color techniques to share with you!

Take your stylist's advice on what is best for your hair, buy locally, and support your favorite salon! We appreciate all of you who trust our professional opinions and support our small business!

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